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The Price of Alumina Keeps Raise

行业新闻图.pngFrom mid-August, the price of alumina began to move up sharply, as of October 17, price has raised 43.82%. We believe that the recent sharp rise in alumina prices rose the main reason for the reduction in imports, alumina plant due to accident shutdown, transportation and other factors.

  1, the cost of raw materials on the move

  By environmental protection, supply side of the impact of reform, caustic soda, coal prices pushed up sharply, the recent cost of alumina raw material shift. 2, imports to reduce supply and demand balance shortages

  In the alumina demand With the steady increase in the production of electrolytic aluminum case, the domestic alumina imports have declined, leading to the domestic alumina market demand in short supply.

  As the first half of this year, domestic alumina prices have been low, imports of alumina is not a price advantage, the overall import volume this year and the long single plan are in a low state, the overall import continued at a low level. Customs data show that in August China imported 128,700 tons of alumina, a decrease of 41.5%, compared to peer reduction of 68.3%. Import supply is limited, leading to the domestic alumina market significantly tightened the flow of goods.

  3, the accident led to two alumina plant shutdown

  Alumina prices in early August close to the cost of the enterprise line, however, in Shanxi, Henan, two alumina plant because of the accident cut off stimulation, the price of aluminum oxide usher in vitality.

  4, transport impact

Due to the recent tight railway transport in Shanxi Province, resulting in alumina transport blocked, and the recent limited motor transport orders also make alumina transportation costs, pushing up the tension in the alumina market.

  5, alumina inventory transfer

  Alumina prices in the early stages of August low, the occurrence of alumina inventory transfer, the majority of alumina sold to the electrolytic aluminum enterprises, alumina enterprises to ease their own inventory, and then combined with early intervention in the price of goods receipt, the market can be in circulation Significant tightening of supply, resulting in market tension.

  6, alumina plant reluctant to sell significantly

  Alumina rose sharply in September, the seller's market also will be established, the market price jumps frequently, alumina enterprises are in the low inventory state, the alumina plant reluctant to sell significantly, in this case to take the initiative to increase alumina factory offer .

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